About me

I am indecisive.  I love floral, light, fun dresses but I also love snuggling up in winter woollies.  I love to read Jane Austen classics, or one of the Bronte sisters’ famous novels, but Harry Potter is my guilty pleasure.  I love the cool smoothness of jazz but quite often you’ll hear a pop tune blasting out of the antique speakers of my Lexus 04 Opel Corsa.  Sometimes I want a cupcake, sometimes I want a cookie, but most of the time I want both.

However I am absolutely certain about three things:

1. There is one true God, my Creator, Father and Redeemer.

2. I am truly madly deeply in love with my husband Nathan.  That’s us below (He’s the one on the right in case you can’t tell).

3. Nuts and chocolate are a match made in heaven…unless you are allergic to nuts

What an attractive couple we make!

What an attractive couple we make!

We got married, it was magical, but our marriage has been even more so – the ‘honeymoon period’ has never worn off!  So when I’m not living the life of a 24 year old professional chocolate taster secondary school teacher of any subject they will pay me to teach Spanish and English, I bake, Nathan washes up and we both eat in our honeymoon kitchen.  We currently reside in Galway, Ireland but we move house like I make cakes (i.e. often)! 


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