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Last week, my dear friend Emma came over for dinner.  With sunshine making a rare appearance, we decided to eat outside in the garden.  I love dining outside, probably because it reminds me of the time I spent living in Spain.  The sweet Ramiro peppers that we had for dinner also made me reminisce about my time in Espana, as did the Spanish white wine that accompanied them.

Because I had been at summer camp all day, this dinner was simple – Ramiro peppers roasted and stuffed with cous cous smothered in pesto and topped with grated cheese.

Dessert however, was the highlight of the evening.  Delicious decadence, we made our own sundaes, piling icecream, crushed cookies, chopped nuts, raspberries, chocolate cake, homemade fudge, chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles in giant glasses.  Needless to say, it didn’t take us long to scoff it all down!

Try them out sometime!


Jenna x