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Kinvara, Co. Galway

Yesterday, Emma, Léan and I went roadtripping!  Both Galway girls, Emma and Léan wanted to revisit some familiar haunts they had seen as children and discover a few new ones.  I wanted to explore the sites of the western coast.  We all wanted to eat cake…

Our first stop was Kinvara.  After a Chai Latte to get us started and a meander to admire the sea view, we headed (rain jackets at the ready) to the Farmer’s Market where we were greeted with an abundance of fresh/ homemade/ homegrown produce from goat’s cheese pesto to live hens, or my personal favourite, pizza bagels!  As if the food wasn’t enough to lift our spirits, a lone tin whistle player delighted us with a few jigs as we drifted from stand to stand.

Olives at the Farmer’s Market

Hens at the Market

Pizza Bagel…yum!

After Kinvara, we embarked further along the Clare coast with no real plan as to where we were going.  With the prospect of homemade fudge tempting us, we eventually decided to stop at the Ailwee caves.  Here, we indulged on vanilla-caramel, honeycomb and malted milk fudge as we wandered around a slightly bizarre forest walk, and stumbled through burren rock to admire the beautiful landscapes.

On our forest walk

View from our mountain walk

When we had eaten our supplies from the Kinvara farmer’s market, we moved on to the Burren Perfumery.  After an interesting drive through ‘the Corkscrew’ and some typically horrendous Irish roads we arrived – our lives and the car still intact thanks to Emma’s crafty driving!  We enjoyed the alluring scent of mingled fragrances over a cup of ‘cleansing tea’ in the adjacent tea room while sitting outside to enjoy the ‘marvellous’ Irish weather.

Burren landscape

Asparagus and salmon quiche

‘Cleansing’ Tea at the Burren Perfumery

Homeward bound, our last stop was at Coole Park, made famous by Yeats, for some cake I had packed as an ‘essential supply’.  After finally finishing the cake, we could go home fully satisfied, our day of discovery completed.

Emma and Léan at Coole Park