I love Galway summers.  In my book blog, Galway is always an amazing place.  Sure, you have to brave torrential downpours or gloomy drizzle the majority of the time, but its vibrant energy, diversity and heritage constantly lures crowds to the ‘city of the tribes’. Image

During the summer, Galway is inundated with festivals and events.  These kicked off last week with the Volvo Ocean Race.  As the ships came in, they brought with them reams of tourists (both Irish and international), street performers, funfairs, fireworks, concerts and most importantly, FOOD!  As we approached the docks on Tuesday afternoon, the alluring smells of international cuisine, barbecuing meat and good ‘ole fish ‘n’ chips were overwhelming.  Upon arriving at the docks, our sweet teeth were tempted by even more pleasing treats.  There was artisan ice-cream, gelato, nutella crepes and chocolate fountains (which I have always steered clear of since I learned that they add copious amounts of oil to the chocolate to make it flow)!

My cousins and little sister in tow, we ate our way through Galway.  After all, they were on holiday and it would have been rude for me not to join them!  So here’s where we ate this week:

Sweet Pies: Sporting a retro 50’s vibe, this is the place to go for cupcakes in Galway.  My personal favourites are the red or blue velvets!ImageDouble chocolate cupcake at Sweet Pies

McDonagh’s: Known for their award winning chips, it’s actually the fish that brings me back to this place.  The variety and freshness is mouth-watering.  If, like me, you love a meaty fish, try the mackerel.  Be warned portions are huge so you might want to share!


Viva Espana

An Cupán Tae: Everyone who knows me is familiar with my confessions of undying love for this place.  Serving a variety of tasty teas (as well as coffees and hot chocolate), beautiful cakes and buttery scones as well as scrumptious salads, soups, baked potatoes, quiches and breakfasts, this is one of my favourite stops for breakfast, lunch or just a nice treat.  I especially love the decor: pastels and mismatched china create  a cute and girlie haven.


Fat Freddy’s: Although my cousins weren’t mad about their carbonara, my vegetarian lasagne was layers of deliciousness.  With layers of pasta, pesto, tomato sauce, béchamel, the odd vegetable and enough cheese to give me a heart attack, this was indulgence defined and definitely contributed to those extra pounds!  Try the nachos too!

The stands at the Ocean Race:  Barbequed hot dogs, banana, strawberry and nutella crepes, Oreo ice-cream…oh how we indulged!

ImagePromoting Roscommon???!!!