Nathan and I married on Friday, the 25th of May 2012; i.e. 16 days ago!  Afterwards, we enjoyed a blissful honeymoon in Croatia and Montenegro.  It was a time when we finally got to enjoy each other and relax after 8 gruelling months of wedding preparations.

Now that we are back at home (Galway, Ireland), reality has kicked in.  We are still in ‘the honeymoon period’ and I think we always will be, but Nathan has returned to work and I am currently a ‘lady of leisure’ while I search for a job.

Thus, I have decided to set up this mainly cooking blog to keep myself amused because if there’s one thing I love to do more than chat, it’s cook and if there’s one thing I look to do more than cook, it’s eat.  In creating this blog I get to do all three!

There will be some (hopefully!) yummy recipes to follow soon but in the mean time here are the highlights from our wedding and honeymoon!

Love the newlywed! x